After 3 years in Canada Filippo Minicola and Nicola Minicola had decided to make Canada their permanent home. Nicola made the long voyage back to Italy to settle the family’s affairs and to accompany the rest of the family to Canada. They boarded the SS Brittania at the port of Naples in early September and arrived in New York on September 16th, 1886.
The manifest records that the ship traveled to the ports of Marseilles, Naples & Espagna with Captain Parazol in command of the ship. The Minicolas are listed on page four of the manifest, passengers 87 through 94:

Last Residence
Nicola Menecola Peasant 23 M Foggia
Lucia Ronca Peasant 48 F Foggia
Famiglia(family) Margeurite Peasant 20 F Foggia
”    Rosaria Peasant 17 F Foggia
”     Leonardo Child, Youngster 10 M Foggia
”     Donato Child, Youngster 9 M Foggia
”     Pasquale (Pasqualina) Child, Youngster 4 F Foggia
”     Maria Child, Youngster 3 F Foggia

Below: Copies of the actual port records – click for a larger view.

Notes: Nicola is the only one listed with the last name Minicola and it is misspelled as Mencola. The rest of the children and mother Lucia are listed with the last name Ronca. It was customary at the time to use the mother’s maiden name in ship manifests. Four year old Pasqualina is incorrectly listed as Pasquale (male).

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