In October of 2011 the sale of Charlotte Pantry was finalized. It had been in the family for nearly 25 years since March of 1987 and I was in grade 13 at St. Peter’s high school (the original one on Reid Street) My Dad and my brother Joe had been running the store since then.

The plan was for my brother Joe to take over the running of the store but with his sudden passing in September of 2010, it left the future of the Pantry up in the air. So, it’s a bittersweet end but, like my Dad said, “It was time”. He’s got lots to keep him busy and this will allow him to semi-retire which is long overdue. (He originally planned to do this in 1985!)

There has been at least one Minicola owned business running in Peterborough continuously since 1893 with the exception of 1986. Hard to believe, nearly 130 years. The Brookdale Kwik Mart is still in the family though so the tradition continues!

Luckily the Pantry has been sold to a great new owner and much of the staff will remain unchanged.

Above: Charlotte Pantry photos. Click to view larger photos and captions.

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