Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


Latitude: 44.309058, Longitude: -78.31974699999999


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chapman, Donna  1949Peterborough, Ontario, CANADA I2
2 Cupoli, Aloysius  27 Mar 1899Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0335
3 Cupoli, John  1923Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0346
4 Cupoli, Joseph  Apr 1902Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0337
5 Cupoli, Mary Giovanni  Sep 1901Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0336
6 Cupoli, Rosaria  7 Apr 1915Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0345
7 Cupoli, Stefano  2 Jan 1910Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0344
8 Cupoli, Thomas  20 Dec 1903Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0338
9 Della Rochetta, Lucia (Lucy)  17 Jul 1926Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0163
10 Della Rochetta, Philip Joseph  1 Mar 1917Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0156
11 Della Rochetta, Rosina  22 Sep 1918Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0157
12 Dorris, William Joseph  1931Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I3
13 Minicola, Giuseppe Francesco (Joe)  11 Jun 1912Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0092
14 Minicola, James Patrick  17 Mar 1941Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0421
15 Minicola, John J. (Jack)  Aft 1920Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0351
16 Minicola, Joseph James  2 Mar 1888Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0017
17 Minicola, Joseph Scott  25 Jul 1963Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I5722
18 Minicola, Lucia  13 Apr 1893Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0207
19 Minicola, Marcelle  16 Jan 1916Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0348
20 Minicola, Maria Anglina  27 Dec 1896Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0208
21 Minicola, Maria Lucia  20 Feb 1904Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0151
22 Minicola, Nancy Marie  28 Jul 1936Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0418
23 Minicola, Nicola Ferdinando  4 Apr 1906Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0090
24 Minicola, Paul Leonard  16 Jan 1919Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0349
25 Minicola, Peter Joseph  15 Feb 1942Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0422
26 Minicola, Philip  27 Dec 1896Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0314
27 Minicola, Rosena Mary  20 Feb 1904Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0150
28 Minicola, Shirley Margaret  20 Jul 1932Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0417
29 Minicola, Vittorio Emmanuelle  8 Sep 1907Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0091
30 Minicola Menecola, Alfredo Giovanni (Alfred)  15 Oct 1915Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0094
31 Minicola Menecola, Anna Lucia  27 Jun 1920Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0096
32 Minicola Menecola, Enrico Michele (Henry)  10 Feb 1914Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0093
33 Peel, John (Jack)  2 Aug 1914Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I5689
34 Sabatino, Domenico  14 Oct 1888Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0166
35 Sabatino, Margaret  12 Dec 1913Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0367


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bianco White, Marguerite  1989Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0373
2 Bissonette, Margaret Frances  16 Jan 1997Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0385
3 Cupoli, Giovanni  12 Mar 1962Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0332
4 Cupoli, John  11 Nov 1992Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0346
5 Cupoli, Joseph  27 Mar 1915Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0337
6 Cupoli, Rosaria  21 Apr 1915Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0345
7 Cupoli, Stefano  3 Jan 1910Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0344
8 Cupoli, Thomas  29 Apr 1969Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0338
9 Della Rochetta, Domenico Antonio  2 Apr 1956Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0155
10 Della Rochetta, Philip Joseph  15 May 1990Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0156
11 Easton, Mildred Agness  10 Aug 1960Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I5686
12 Ferrara, Adelina  24 Mar 1968Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0088
13 Jamieson, Ross George  14 Nov 2014Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I3000
14 La Penna, Matilda  22 Oct 1901Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0206
15 Lowes, Marklan Henry  5 Nov 2021Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I1
16 Lucano, Joseph F.  31 Aug 1992Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0379
17 Luisi, Filomena  7 Feb 1983Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0148
18 Luisi, Giovanna Annunziata  12 Oct 1985Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0147
19 Luisi, Maria Nicola  27 Jul 1985Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0145
20 Luisi, Rosaria  7 Apr 1978Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0144
21 Menecola, Filippo  2 Mar 1923Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0006
22 Menecola, Giuseppe  22 Sep 1944Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I6
23 Menecola, Giuseppe  22 Sep 1944Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I19
24 Minicola, James Patrick  24 Oct 2019Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0421
25 Minicola, Joseph James  26 Oct 1951Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0017
26 Minicola, Leonardo  28 Aug 1943Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0013
27 Minicola, Lucia  25 Oct 1967Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0207
28 Minicola, Marcelle  11 Sep 1997Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0348
29 Minicola, Maria Lucia  23 Feb 1906Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0151
30 Minicola, Nancy Marie  4 Sep 2000Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0418
31 Minicola, Nicola  23 Sep 1922Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0008
32 Minicola, Nicola Ferdinando  8 Jul 1909Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0090
33 Minicola, Pasqualina  5 May 1942Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0016
34 Minicola, Paul Leonard  3 Jun 1995Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0349
35 Minicola, Philip  28 Dec 1896Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0314
36 Minicola, Rosena Mary  28 Feb 1989Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0150
37 Minicola, Vittorio Emmanuelle  10 Oct 1980Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0091
38 Minicola, Yvonne Bernice  11 May 2005Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0416
39 Minicola Menecola, Anna Lucia  22 Dec 2003Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0096
40 Minicola Menecola, Enrico Michele (Henry)  27 May 1926Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0093
41 O'Connell, Grace  29 Oct 1989Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0347
42 Peel, John (Jack)  9 Mar 1977Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I5689
43 Pepe, Matilda Berenice  20 Jan 1995Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0356
44 Pepe, Stefano Alfred  25 Dec 1971Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0352
45 Primeau, John J.  26 Jun 1997Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0488
46 Quackenbush, Charles  10 Apr 1994Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0505
47 Ronca, Lucia Filomena  17 Mar 1915Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0007
48 Sabatino, Joseph  19 Jul 2019Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0386
49 Sabatino, Lucia  13 Jul 1935Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0170
50 Williams, Thomas  21 Jan 1962Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0397


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Asta, Francis Peter  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0382
2 Bianco White, Marguerite  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0373
3 Bissonette, Margaret Frances  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0385
4 Cupoli, Aloysius  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0335
5 Cupoli, Giovanni  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0332
6 Cupoli, Thomas  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0338
7 Horton, Hazel  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0446
8 Lucano, Joseph F.  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0379
9 Lucano, Margaret  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0378
10 Menecola, Filippo  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0006
11 Minicola, Donna Ann  2009Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0419
12 Minicola, Lucia  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0207
13 Minicola, Marcelle  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0348
14 Minicola, Paul Leonard  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0349
15 O'Connell, Grace  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0347
16 Pepe, Matilda Berenice  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0356
17 Pepe, Stefano Alfred  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0352
18 Primeau, John J.  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0488
19 Quackenbush, Charles  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0505
20 Sabatino, Concetta  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0168
21 Sabatino, Giovanni (John)  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0172
22 Sabatino, Lucia  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0170
23 Sabatino, Maria Rosa  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I0171


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Easton, William  1930Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I5690
2 Easton, William  1939Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I5690


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Easton, William  1930Peterborough, Ontario, Canada I5690


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Casciano / Minicola  7 Jan 1901Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0090
2 Cupoli / Minicola  12 Jul 1898Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0092
3 Marcotulio / Cupoli  19 Oct 1925Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0119
4 Marino / Minicola  12 Jun 1924Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0056
5 Minicola / Callaghan  21 Apr 1915Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0060
6 Pepe / Minicola  31 Oct 1916Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0095
7 Sabatino / Minicola  10 Jan 1888Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0046
8 Vecchio / Minicola  24 May 1889Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0088
9 Vitarelli / Luisi  8 Jul 1913Peterborough, Ontario, Canada F0044

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