Minicola - Hughes Family

Minicola Family

The Minicola family emigrated from Roseto Valfortore, Italy in the 1880's.

Ferrara Family

The Ferrara family emigrated from Lucera, Italy in the early 1900's.

Hughes Family

The Hughes family emigrated from County Armagh, Ireland in the 1840's.

Turcotte Family

The Turcotte or Turcot family originated in France and settled in Quebec in the 1600's.

Peel - Easton Family

Peel Family

John Joseph Christopher Peel was born in London, England in 1892.

Sweeney Family

The Sweeney family immigrated from Ireland and settled in Lanark County, Ontario.

Waters Family

The Watters Family immigrated from Ireland and settled in Hastings County, Ontario.

Easton Family

The Easton family emigrated from Lesmahagow, County Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1820.

Related Families

Ronca Family

Great great grandmother Lucia Minicola's maiden name was Ronca.

Sabatino Family

The Sabatino family emigrated from Roseto Valfortore in the 1880's and settled in Lakefield.

Luisi Family

Rosaria Luisi married Leonardo Minicola in 1903. Three sisters also settled in Peterborough.

Dell'Arciprete Family

Our branch of the Dell'Arciprete family came from Foggia and Lucera, Italy.

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