Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA


Latitude: 40.8806512, Longitude: -75.2146237


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Goffredo, Maria Donata  4 Aug 1896Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I130
2 Marino, Matilda  7 Apr 1928Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I0363
3 Marino, Rosanna  4 Jul 1926Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I0362
4 Ronca, Matthew  24 Aug 1905Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I100
5 Ronca, Phillip Anthony  10 Apr 1904Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I93
6 Ruggiero, Anna Marie  27 Sep 1919Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I131
7 Ruggiero, Joseph A  20 Feb 1925Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I133
8 Ruggiero, Louis Michael  4 Sep 1922Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I132
9 Sabatino, Ernestine  Abt 1916Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I234
10 Sabatino, Filomena  1905Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I228
11 Sabatino, Gloria  24 Dec 1921Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I236
12 Sabatino, Jennie  6 Apr 1909Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I231
13 Sabatino, Lucy  1913Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I233
14 Sabatino, Pasqualino  11 Jul 1903Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I227
15 Sabatino, Pasqualino  17 Aug 1907Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I230
16 Sabatino, Philip C  3 Jan 1911Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I232
17 Sabatino, Susanna  30 Jun 1917Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I235
18 Sabatino, Teresa  17 Apr 1907Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I229


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Casciano, Donato  8 Aug 1924Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I0328
2 Confalone, Filomena  18 Nov 1920Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I163
3 Finelli, Nicola  1918Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I0247
4 Goffredo, Maria Donata  29 Oct 1967Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I130
5 Marino, Rocco Donato Antonio  28 Dec 1978Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I0209
6 Menecola, Donata  1928Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I0066
7 Menecola, Filomena  Mar 31 1912Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I217
8 Minicola, Maria  11 Feb 1904Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I0015
9 Ronca, Domenico  7 Apr 1929Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I164
10 Ronca, Filippo Antonio  14 Apr 1923Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I166
11 Ronca, Maria  12 Oct 1968Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I167
12 Ronca, Michael P  12 Nov 1940Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I169
13 Ronca, Pasquale  1898Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I0076
14 Ruggiero, Anna Marie  10 Feb 2023Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I131
15 Ruggiero, Fausto  Mar 1963Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I129
16 Ruggiero, Joseph A  28 Jan 2011Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I133
17 Ruggiero, Louis Michael  12 Aug 1974Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I132
18 Sabatino, Filomena  16 Feb 2006Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I228
19 Sabatino, Jennie  25 Mar 1994Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I231
20 Sabatino, Pasquale  Feb 27 1918Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I218
21 Sabatino, Pasqualino  2 Jan 1904Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I227
22 Sabatino, Pasqualino  3 Dec 1995Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I230
23 Sabatino, Philip C  22 Jul 1934Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I232
24 Sabatino, Teresa  12 Apr 1952Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA I229


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Minicola / La Penna  Abt 1891Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA F0055
2 Ronca / Policelli  5 Jun 1903Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA F38

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